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Your heart could stop beating this very moment. You may be in a catastrophic car accident by the end of the day today. Your husband may have a heart attack on the golf course. Your wife may have a heart attack in your kitchen. Your 18 year old son or your daughter may be life-flighted to an area hospital without your knowledge and decisions made on his/her behalf without your say-so. Your elderly parents may endure a lingering illness. If you’re incarcerated or a family member of one incarcerated you may never be told of a life-threatening medical condition, imminent death, may be refused answers and records.

Death is the reality of life. Eternity is one breath away. Dying is the process we’re all going through from the moment we’re born to that moment we die. Unexpected illness and severe accidents are the events that abruptly remind us of how brief this life is, that life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye, how carelessly we can take for granted our loved ones and dearest friends, and how dangerously naïve we are to assume that should a life and death event occur others “will do the right thing” on our behalf. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even if they wanted to do the right thing there are forces that are set in motion preventing the ability to do so unless you have taken the time and care to have key medical documents put in place that lay out your desires and guide your loved ones into the right decision.

Key and effective medical documents do not equate to documents pulled off the internet or documents provided by clinicians, hospitals or the correctional system. On the contrary, documents obtained through these avenues fall woefully short. To ensure seamless care, open communication and control of all decisions needing to be made on your behalf and on behalf of someone else, it not only requires more than one document but demands that the one holding those documents knows what to do with them; possesses the knowledge, understanding and courage to execute and implement them. Without the correct documents, without the know-how, without the courage to implement them, your requests can be ignored and decisions taken out of your hands and put in the hands of medical personnel, medical ethics committees and prison administrators.

Drunk Accident If you’re the parents of young adults 18 years or older most likely you may never have thought about the consequences of not having correct documents in place so you are able to make life and death medical decisions on their behalf should you need to do so. Those consequences are severe and can be devastating.

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